UK Racketlon

Ray Jordan – Chairman
Highly befitting of our Chairman, Ray is one a long standing name in UK and World Racketlon. He debuted in 2003 and quickly joined in the organisational responsibilities of the fledgling UK Tour in 2006, taking over as Chairman in 2011. His experience of playing Racketlon in the UK, Asia, Europe and North America has provided him with a breadth of knowledge in how other nations organise Racketlon events and also the extensive network of contacts throughout the Racketlon world.  This provides Ray with all the necessary skills to bring strategic leadership to the UK Racketlon board.  With a maths background, Ray is also renown through the global Racketlon community as an expert scheduler, particularly for large, multi-category events ensuring that all players have a schedule that maximises recovery time and playing enjoyment.  Finally, Ray is no stranger to the media, having appeared on the Chris Evans Radio 2 Drivetime show and BBC Breakfast to name but a few appearances promoting Racketlon.

Luke Barnes – Sponsorship Officer
A highly committed and passionate Racketlon player, having come the sport in 2009, Luke brings that same drive and focus to the UK Racketlon board. That determination brought UK Racketlon our first Tour partnership in 2018 as he negotiated the signing of an agreement between UK Racketlon and MANTIS Sport to supply tennis balls for all UK Tour events. Well known and well liked on both the UK and World Tours, Luke has also benefited hugely from Racketlon. In 2013, he met a girl called Katie at the English Open and in 2018 they got married, the UK Racketlon community making up a hefty chunk of the guests that day!

Johnny Bispham – Organisational Developments Officer
Wise men say that only fools rush in, but when Johnny Bispham rushed into Racketlon in 2015, we quickly found he was no fool. Within two years of first picking up a non-table tennis racket in anger, he has become a tournament organiser, GB captain and vital cog in the UK Racketlon board. A maths and statistics specialist, Johnny is currently working on ways to improve our rankings system in addition to providing statistical insights GB teams.

Jack Bishop – Membership Officer
Jack has a professional background in sports analysis and is therefore tasked with maintaining our Membership and developing our long term membership structure and development strategy. Jack was brought into Racketlon through his University friendship with Luke Barnes, first coming to the sport in 2014.  Jack is not only a head for figures, he is also a talented man on court and was an integral part of our GB2 side who were crowned World Teams Amateur champions in 2018.

Dan Busby – GB Representative to the FIR
A mathematician by trade, Dan is one of the UK's most successful Racketlon players.  After a quick dabble with Racketlon in 2008, and a slightly longer dabble with top flight squash, Dan returned to Racketlon in 2015. He quickly made his mark in winning his first event the Yorkshire Open and has barely stopped winning on both the UK and World Tours since. He serves as our representative to the FIR.  Dan is well qualified for this position, his experience on the tour from Europe to North America means that he well respected throughout the sport and as such was invited to lead the FIR team to improve player enjoyment from 2019 onwards.

Alex Du Noyer – Treasurer
An accountant by profession, Alex took over as the UK Racketlon treasurer in 2017.  In addition to his roles and responsibilities as company treasurer, Alex is developing an improved reporting system on the costs involved in running an Racketlon event.  While venue high remains the primary cost for each event, understadnign how much is spent on consumables such as shuttle cocks and trophies is vital to the long term development of the sport in the UK.  Alex or ADN as he is commonly known, has been a regular on the UK Tour since 2011, having won a number of UK Tour titles and is also a multiple World Team champion as a member of and in 2018 captain of GB2 in the Amateur World Team Championships.

Lindsay Farge – Women’s Development Officer
When the Racketlon bug bites, it bites hard and fast. Lindsay, or LJF to her friends has fallen in love with Racketlon at a sensational pace. Answering a call in 2018 for additional members of the UK Racketlon board, LJF has come on-board to help us develop the women’s game. Vital for the long term development of Racketlon, LJF probably holds the singularly most important role for the sport in the UK.

Dominique Ford – Tour Organisational Support Officer
Dom is another long servant of the sport in the UK, having first joined the board in 2008. A keen competitor, Dom has been the vital cog in ensuring a number of UK Racketlon events can function, particularly in the south of the UK. Along with daughter Helen (invaluable on a control desk), Dom is a regular throughout the season and just makes things tick.


Lee Gregson – Tour Officer
Lee and his son Will, discovered Racketlon when the 2013 British Open was held on their doorstep at The Northern Club in Manchester. They were immediately bitten by the bug and have ever since travelled the UK playing the sport. Since 2016, Lee has been organising the North West Open at the Northern Club, bring an event that grew in popularity every season (even if frequently the rain kept everyone off the grass tennis courts).  Lee brings this wealth of playing and organising experience to the Tour Officer role for the 2020 season onwards.  

James Pope – Publicity & Communications, Website & Database Officer
James served as Publicity Officer for Edinburgh University Sports Union between 2007 and 2009 and therefore it seemed a sensible progression to take over the responsibilities of the Publicity and Communications role in late 2013. A role that includes responsibility for this website and the UK Racketlon Newsletter.  To facilitate the newsletter, James is responsible for the database of UK Racketlon players and ensuring it is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulations.  James first played Racketlon at the 2007 Scottish Open becoming a tour regular in 2010 and is now a fixture of the tour both in the UK and internationally.  In addition to his formal roles on the UK Racketlon board, he took on the role of Tournament Director for the County Championships in 2016. With a PhD and professional background in climatology, James is also the unofficial UK (and FIR) Meteorologist for that occasion when Racketlon events feature outdoor tennis.

George Roberts – Tournament Support Officer
A leviathan of a man, George came to Racketlon in 2014 and onto the UK Racketlon board in 2015. Tasked to provide the support necessary to Tournament Directors this sees him popping up all over the UK with a car boot full of shuttlecocks, TT barriers or trophies. With energy, drive and a effervescent attitude to life, George has become probably the Racketlon personality in the UK and is uniformly liked!



UK Racketlon Board Advisors
The UK Racketlon Board is advised by a number of people.

Duncan Stahl: Having become FIR President has reduced his involvement in the organisation of UK Racketlon, however he remains an advisor to the organisation.
Richard Boreham A professional statistician, Richard oversees our current UK Rankings system and further information on this can be found on our rankings page.
Keith Lesser ACA ACMA: of Lesser & Co serves as the company accountant.


Social Media Team
The UK Racketlon Social Media team comprises Matilda Parslow (Twitter), Lindsay Johnson-Farge (Instagram) and James Pope (Facebook).  


Honourary Vice Chairs
Our Honourary Vice Chairs are bestowed upon people who have given an immense personal contribution to the UK Racketlon community over the course of our history. Without our honourary chairs, Racketlon in the UK would look very different or may not even exist at all!

Stuart Foster
Stuart Foster was been a pivotal figure in Racketlon in the UK since its inception in 2002, organising the sport in the UK (2003-2011) whilst also serving on the International Racketlon Federation/Federation Internationale de Racketlon Council from 2003-08 and as England Team Captain from 2002 until 2011. A Co-founder the English Racketlon Association (ERA) in 2008, Stuart served as Chairman until 2011. While a rare visitor to Racketlon these days, Stuart remains a keen rackets sports man and can usually be found playing some variant of tennis.

Keith Lesser
Keith Lesser came to Racketlon in 2003 and took on the organisation of the English Open from 2005 onwards with a team of helps including current chair, Ray Jordan. Keith was for 12 years the driving force behind a number of developments including the formation of the UK Tour in 2006 and the founding of the ERA in 2008. Despite standing down from his day-to-day involvement in 2017 (requiring several new board members to replace him), Keith has remained a passionate Racketlon player, even if he struggles with his counting in World Team finals....