UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope

GB Racketlon Association C.I.C operates as UK Racketlon, the national governing body for the sport of Racketlon in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. 

Company Structure

The Community Interest Company, GB Racketlon Association is registered with Companies House and has as its directors:

  • Ray Jordan (Company Chair)
  • James Pope (Company Secretary)
  • Alex Du Noyer (Company Treasurer)


Company Articles

UK Racketlon is governed by its articles of association.  Within in this is the UK Racketlon Board, the committee charged with overseeing the aims and objectives of UK Racketlon with respect to our mission statement.  The current members of the UK Racketlon board members are:

For more information on each board members role, plus details of our advisorssocial media team and Honourary Vice Chairs, please click on the board member name or visit the Personal Page here: UK Racketlon Board.


Company Files

This section details all available documentation on UK Racketlon and its predecessor the English Racketlon Association C.I.C.  

Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings

2018 AGM - 2017 EGM - 2016 AGM - 2015 AGM - 2014 EGM2012 AGM - 2011 AGM


Policy Documentation

Articles of Association - Equality & Diversity Policy - Conflicts of Interest PolicyGrievance Policy & Procedure - Complaints Policy - Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy - Anti-doping Policy

Please note: Many of these policy documents were inherited and incorporated into the GB Racketlon Association C.I.C when its name was changed from the English Racketlon Association C.I.C.  Through 2019 new policies will be produced and submitted to an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting for approval by the Membership.  

All financial records for both the GB Racketlon Association C.I.C and English Racketlon Association C.I.C can be found on our Companies House listing here.