UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope

Imagine, if you will, the scene.  You are lazing at home after a busy day at work, when “ping”, the Facebook notification that “Racketlon is Live”.  Your heart beats faster, as you flick open your phone and log into the app.  You are greeted by the sight of Dave Ridout, Johnny Bispham, Alex Du Noyer and Jack Bishop* surrounded by laptops and phones, waiting to hear who the team captains have drafted into their squads for the 2019 Champions League.  As each name is announced, you cast an eager glance back to the Players Pool, will you be called, will you be a Boaster or a Viking, will you have Maltese Magic or a Swiss Army Knife?

Of course, to have those moments when your heart skips a beat, you of course need to be in the draft for the 2019 Champions League.  As in 2018, there will be two divisions, six teams in Division 1 and four in Division 2.  The event is split into two legs across two Racketlon tournaments, the always popular German Open (2nd August) in Nussloch and the brilliant French Open (25th October) in Paris.  To be considered for the Champions League you just need to enter the Players Pool here (which is free to do so) and then specify if you are available for the German Leg, French Leg or Both Legs.  Enter before 11am on the 25th June.  

Berlin currently hold both Division 1 and Division 2 trophies, can iPro London or someone else take their crowns in 2019? YOU could be the player who makes the difference!

Team Racketlon is, in my opinion, the best form of Racketlon going.  There is something about mixing the standard Racketlon “every point counts” pressure with the vigorous and enthusiastic support from your team mates.  It is also an opportunity to be part of a team with players from different nations from across the Racketlon world, in itself a rare experience.  You will also get team kit, so all in all, the Champions League is a very special event, but you don’t just have to take my word for it:

“Winning with a team is always more fun than just winning on your own.” Christian Wiessner (Germany)

“Racketlon can be at time a lonely, mental battle as every point counts. Therefore when you have your team mates on the sidelines, cheering you on, there is a great joy in no longer being on your own.” James Pope (Great Britain)

“My son still can’t believe his Dad played in the Champions League!“ Christian Wall (Sweden)

“I really enjoyed the mix of different players from lots of different countries all coming together to form one very motivated team and the live draft is also so much fun!” Amke Fischer (Germany)

“I loved being and playing as part of a team! Also only playing to 11 made it more exciting and intense.” Lindsey Johnson-Farge (Great Britain)

“It’s amazing to play with team-mates which don’t necessarily have the same strengths and weaknesses as you. I mean, it’s already stressful when you are alone on court, so it’s so much better when you have the support of your whole team!” Arnaud Genin (France)

“I love team Racketlon when I’m playing for GB, but CL made it even more special playing in a team of different nationalities and ages. The team spirit was amazing and I felt it across all the CL teams. Fantastic event to be a part of that I would highly recommend!” Jo Shelley (Great Britain)

Hopefully, this has convinced you to enter the Players Pool for the 2019 Champions League, so please do so, right now, before 11am on Tuesday 25th June!


Team work makes the dream work! - Berlin Berghain Boasters 2 in 2018

* These people cannot be guaranteed to be present.

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