UK Racketlon

Written by James Pope

As we mentioned last week in the Guide to the 2019 UK Tour, we were excitedly looking forward to seeing the Racketlon World Tour return to the UK, and on the world famous grass courts of the very exclusive, Roehampton Club in London. Graced by Wimbledon champions such as Boris Becker, Goran Ivanisevic, and Andy Murray, these courts have seen some of the very best tennis stars before now. From the 16th to 18th August 2019, these same courts will be graced by Racketlon players from around the world, and you have the chance to be among them. With a view to ensuring as many UK players can enter as possible, we can announce that entry for the London Open will open at 17:00 (GMT) on Tuesday 15th January. Entry is on the FIR Tournament Software here.


The grass courts await!...

As well as featuring some of the finest grass tennis courts in the world, the other three Racketlon sports will be exceptionally well catered for at this World Tour Challenger event. Firstly, three brand new TT tables are being purchased for this event, while Victor will be supplying three badminton mats. Finally, the squash courts regularly host international tournaments. As such, players can be certain of seeing first class playing conditions across all four sports. In addition, the Roehampton club also boasts spectacular gardens, which players will be able to relax in between their matches. This event promises to go down in Racketlon history.

...As do the sensational gardens!

To be a part of this special Racketlon event, then be ready on Tuesday 15th January at 17:00 GMT, when entry will open here through FIR Tournament Software.  There is a restriction of just 80 players from the whole Racketlon world, so please if you are keen to play, then enter as soon as you can.

Entry Guidance
1. The World Tour is open to all players, across all grades.  From the experienced campaigner to the debut player, all are welcome on the World Tour. However, we do suggest you drop yourself down half a category. For example if you finish in the bottom half of a Men's B event on the UK Tour, then you would enter the Men's C for this event.  

2. Unlike UK events, you can opt to pay your entry fees on the day in cash, but you must register online.

3. If you are new to the World Tour, please note you need to different log in to use FIR Tournament Software compared to the version you use when entering UK Tour events. Your username MUST be different, so we recommend you add something simple (i.e. WT or FIR) to the end of your UK username when you register.

4. You will need to purchase a World Tour license to play in the event, costing 15 euros. This will need to be paid for before registering for the tournament. This payment is independent of UK Racketlon, and is a requirement of the FIR.  This payment makes you eligible to play in all FIR events from the London Open through to the World Championships and the rest of the 2019 World Tour.  

For more information on this event contact the Tournament Director This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or view his website